SINSO DAPP is the middleware of the application. SINSO DAPP online consultation module has been submitted in Demoday for easy and fast matching of specialists for consultation, advice and data validation of personal medical records and image data.


SINSO BOX is an ideal medical finance and charitable donation network platform for underdeveloped countries and regions.

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Donors Network V3.0

Malawi’s medical resources are extremely unbalanced. Through medical assistance projects, we provide SINSO’s full set of telemedicine service platforms, and other aid providers provide medical equipment. The first step is to provide high-quality services to residents in underdeveloped areas through the Internet. Diagnosis and online consultation services in this way can greatly remind the effective use of medical resources, so that patients can receive high-quality and low-cost medical services. Through IPFS and blockchain technology, local residents who are connected to the network have their own medical record system. Because there is almost no IT infrastructure upgrade problem before, they can upgrade to the latest architecture in one step, and use the blockchain to incentivize ways to strengthen the residents to actively participate in the management of personal health enthusiasm, and called the world more doctors to serve the people of Malawi.

The current project is under construction and progress, and the progress of the project will continue to be announced on the official website.

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