SINSO-Powered Solutions
Data-Oriented Programmable EVM


AmStar is the engine of SINSO ecology (as Layer 1). First and foremost, AmStar provides the basis for applications to build in SINSO ecology.
The EVM environment provided by AmStar makes it possible to flexibly deploy Metaverse applications.
Meanwhile, AmStar will creatively combine EVM and content addressing in distributed storage, specifically conducting an upgrade on Metaverse assets through added NFT programmability.

A Decentralized Computing System

Data needs to be decentralized computed directly at the storage location without being transferred.

Saving Crowdfunding Datasets

 Important social data comes from individuals, such as travel statistics, and global temperature records.

Smarter Storage Marketplace

An example can be to dynamically price storage by time, replication level, or regional availability.

Intergenerational Storage

To store data that needs to be passed down through generations.

Creating Data DAO

Establish an economic model for the tokenization of data storage, and form a DAO to calculate and coordinate the model.

Local storage of NFTs 

Store NFT contents with a registry tracking the contents.

Time-locked Data Retrieval

The datasets will be unlocked only if the company discloses the results.

Mortgage Loan

Providing loans to storage providers when they accept trading initiated by other users with SINSO tokens at a certain time.